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9The purpose of this book is to teach quantitative analysis to solve a variety of different business problems, using the Microsoft Excel(R) software program. The book is primarily written for students and business executives. It covers both theoretical and applied material. The book contains 22 chapters and 2 appendices. Prior to using this book, users should have some familiarity with statistics, accounting, and marketing. They should also be comfortable with using computers, particularly spreadsheets, and have some knowledge of the Internet. The following is a summary of the topics covered in this book. *Computer Literacy and Advanced Spreadsheet Commands *Quantitative Analysis *Financial Statements *Loans and Amortization Tables *Income Tax Calculation *Advanced Logical Statements *Payroll Calculation *Product-Market Strategies Using Excel's Drawing Tools *Sales and Profit Forecasting in Domestic and International Arena *Frequency Distributions and Descriptive Summary Measures of Data *Resource Allocation and Linear Programming *Simple and Multiple Regression Analysis *Annual, Quarterly, and Monthly Time Series Analysis *Chi-Square Test of Independence *Breakeven Analysis *Business Plans *How to Create a Web Page