Building Internet of Things with the Arduino

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0The Internet of Things (IoT) is a global network that links physical objects using Cloud computing, web applications, and network communications. It allows devices to communicate with each other, access information on the Internet, store and retrieve data, and interact with users, creating smart, pervasive and always-connected environments.

Despite the Internet of Things being a relatively new concept, there are already a few open platforms available that enable remote and seamless management and visualization of sensor data: Cosm, Nimbits, and ThingSpeak are just a few examples. And Arduino works with all of them.

The Arduino is an incredibly flexible micro-controller and development environment that cannot only be used to control devices, but can also be used to read data from all kinds of sensors. Its simplicity and extensibility, in addition to its great success and adoption by users, has led to the development of a variety of hardware extensions and software libraries that enable wired and wireless communication with the Internet. Arduino is the ideal open hardware platform for experimenting with the world of the Internet of Things.

Make your Arduino talk to the world

This book will provide you with all the information you need to design and create your own Internet of Things (IoT) applications using the Arduino platform.

More specifically, you will learn:
  • About the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing concepts
  • About open platforms that allow you to store your sensor data on the Cloud (like Cosm, Nimbits and many more)
  • The basic usage of Arduino environment for creating your own embedded projects at low cost
  • How to connect your Arduino with your Android phone and send data over the Internet
  • How to connect your Arduino directly to the Internet and talk to the Cloud
  • How to reprogram your Arduino microcontroller remotely through the Cloud

  • Detailed Table of Contents can be found at: http: //

    Updated version (v1.1): Contains corrections, improvements and updates about IoT Platforms
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