This Is Esports (and How to Spell It): An Insider's Guide to the World of Pro Gaming

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Pro gaming's award-winning broadcaster Paul Redeye Chaloner brings us the definitive book on esports, the fastest growing entertainment phenomenon in the world today.

Paul Redeye Chaloner is quite simply a legend of the esports scene. And now, he will use all his years of experience to write the definitive book on the modern world of esports. What is it? What is life like in an esports team? Just how much corruption and cheating goes on behind it all? And what's it like to stand in front of thousands of people, broadcasting to millions over the world, as one team sits on the brink of earning millions? Redeye will reveal all.

What is competitive gaming, and where did it come from? What makes it so exciting? The bitter esports team and country rivalries, the scandals, the money, the last-minute Hail Mary plays; it's all here, brought to you with the trademark wit--and access--of the industry's most respected and experienced broadcaster. He'll even tell you how to spell it. This is the world of esports according to its most famous presenter.

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