Practical Internet of Things for Beginners: Iot Projects with Realsense, Azure, Arduino, and Intel Edison

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Learn the hardware and programming fundamentals needed to build your first Internet of Things project. If you're getting started with the IoT, don't limit yourself in the devices you can create. This book covers the basics of electronics and programming so you can work with any microcontroller, sensor, and cloud platform.

You'll learn how to incorporate RealSense 3D gesture technology, Intel Edison boards, Azure, and more. This practical guide also includes sample projects to inspire your creativity for your own IoT ideas. You'll see how to create Web API applications on Azure and smarter notifications using Twilio calls and SMS.

If you've always wanted to learn how to build connected devices and make "smart things," this is the perfect place to start. Practical Internet of Things for Beginners will help you connect the dots as you begin working with IoT technology and take your projects to the next level.

What You'll Learn

  • Explore the basics of electronics and programming
  • Find the best microcontroller for your project
  • Use Arduino IDE, Intel XDK, Visual Studio, and Wyliodrin
  • Make a gesture controlled robots with Intel RealSense technology
  • Create a user interface and develop with REST APIs for the IoT

Who This Book is For

Tech enthusiasts and students looking to get started in IoT.