The Ubtech Jimu Robots Builder's Guide: How to Create and Make Them Come to Life

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7Create robots and other mechanical devices with UBTECH's Jimu Robots kit. This book shows you the high potential for STEM learning with the Jimu Robots, hardware, and software. You'll design a basic and walking creation and bring to life robots of your own.

As UBTECH expands their Jimu Robots into the hands of STEM learners and teachers, this book serves as its official companion, providing an introduction to the Jimu Robots wide range of capabilities. In short, The UBTECH Jimu Robots Builder's Guide will provide inspiration and innovative potential to existing users and those who are into the growing tech/maker trend of Jimu Robots.
What You'll Learn
  • Use all the latest Jimu Robot pieces and kits
  • Apply practical instructions to build creative Jimu Robot models
  • Improve STEM education with Jimu Robots
  • Assemble creations that users can control via smartphone or tablet
Who This Book Is For

Educators, makers, tinkerers, and STEM participants