Google Data Studio for Beginners: Start Making Your Data Actionable

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Google Data Studio is becoming a go-to tool in the analytics community. All business roles across the industry benefit from foundational knowledge of this now-essential technology, and Google Data Studio for Beginners is here to provide it. Release your locked-up data and turn it into beautiful, actionable, and shareable reports that can be consumed by experts and novices alike.

Authors Grant Kemp and Gerry White begin by walking you through the basics, such how to create simple dashboards and interactive visualizations. As you progress through Google Data Studio for Beginners, you will build up the knowledge necessary to blend multiple data sources and create comprehensive marketing dashboards. Some intermediate features such as calculated fields, cleaning up data, and data blending to build powerhouse reports are featured as well. Presenting your data in client-ready, digestible forms is a key factor that many find to be a roadblock, and this book will help strengthen this essential skill in your organization.

Centralizing the power from sources such as Google Analytics, online surveys, and a multitude of other popular data management tools puts you as a business leader and analyzer ahead of the rest. Your team as a whole will benefit from Google Data Studio for Beginners, because by using these tools, teams can collaboratively work on data to build their understanding and turn their data into action. Data Studio is quickly solidifying itself as the industry standard, and you don't want to miss this essential guide for excelling in it.

What You Will Learn

  • Combine various data sources to create great looking and actionable visualizations
  • Reuse and modify other dashboards that have been created by industry pros
  • Use intermediate features such as calculated fields and data blending to build powerhouse reports

Who This Book Is For

Users looking to learn Google Analytics, SEO professionals, digital marketers, and other business professionals who want to mine their data into an actionable dashboard.