Beginning Quarkus Framework: Build Cloud-Native Enterprise Java Applications and Microservices

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Harness the power of Quarkus, the supersonic subatomic cloud-native Java platform from Red Hat. This book covers everything you need to know to get started with the platform, which has been engineered from the ground up for superior performance and cloud-native deployment.

You'll start with an overview of the Quarkus framework and its features. Next, you'll dive into building your first microservice using Quarkus, including the use of JAX-RS, Swagger, Microprofile, REST, reactive programming, and more. You'll see how to seamlessly add Quarkus to existing Spring framework projects. The book continues with a dive into the dependency injection pattern and how Quarkus supports it, working with annotations and facilities from both Jakarta EE CDI and the Spring framework. You'll also learn about dockerization and serverless technologies to deploy your microservice.

Next you'll cover how data access works in Quarkus with Hibernate, JPA, Spring Boot, MongoDB, and more. This will also give you an eye for efficiency with reactive SQL, microservices, and many more reactive components. You'll also see tips and tricks not available in the official documentation for Quarkus.

Lastly, you'll test and secure Quarkus-based code and use different deployment scenarios to package and deploy your Quarkus-based microservice for the cloud, using Amazon Web Services as a focus. After reading and using Beginning Quarkus Framework, you'll have the essentials to build and deploy cloud-native microservices and full-fledged applications.

Author Tayo Koleoso goes to great lengths to ensure this book has up to date material including brand new and some unreleased features

What You Will Learn

  • Build and deploy cloud-native Java applications with Quarkus
  • Create Java-based microservices
  • Integrate existing technologies such as the Spring framework and vanilla Java EE into the Quarkus framework
  • Work with the Quarkus data layer on persistence with SQL, reactive SQL, and NoSQL
  • Test code in Quarkus with the latest versions of JUnit and Testcontainers
  • Secure your microservices with JWT and other technologies
  • Package your microservices with Docker containers and GraalVM native image tooling
  • Tips and techniques you won't find in the official Quarkus documentation

Who This Book Is For

Intermediate Java developers familiar with microservices, the cloud in general, and REST web services, but interested in modern approaches.