97 Things Every UX Practitioner Should Know: Collective Wisdom from the Experts

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Tap into the wisdom of experts to learn what every UX practitioner needs to know. With 97 short and extremely useful articles, you'll discover new approaches to old problems, pick up road-tested best practices, and hone your skills through sound advice.

Working in UX involves much more than just creating user interfaces. UX teams struggle with understanding what's important, which practices they should know deeply, and what approaches aren't helpful at all. With these 97 concise articles, editor Dan Berlin presents a wealth of advice and knowledge from experts who have practiced UX throughout their careers.

  • Bring Themes to Exploratory Research--Shanti Kanhai
  • Design for Content First--Marli Mesibov
  • Design for Universal Usability--Ann Chadwick-Dias
  • Be Wrong on Purpose--Skyler Ray Taylor
  • Diverse Participant Recruiting Is Critical to Authentic User Research--Megan Campos
  • Put On Your InfoSec Hat to Improve Your Designs--Julie Meridian
  • Boost Your Emotional Intelligence to Move from Good to Great UX--Priyama Barua
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