SAP S/4hana: An Introduction

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Interested in what SAP S/4HANA has to offer? Find out with this big-picture guide! Take a tour of SAP S/4HANA functionality for your key lines of business: finance, manufacturing, supply chain, sales, and more. Preview SAP S/4HANA's architecture, and discover your options for reporting, extensions, and adoption. With insights into the latest intelligent technologies, this is your all-in-one SAP S/4HANA starting point!

In this book, you'll learn about:

a. Functionality
See how SAP S/4HANA runs your business processes, from finance to supply chain management. Learn about new features for predictive accounting, manufacturing analytics, central procurement, and more.

b. Key Capabilities
Make the most of your SAP S/4HANA system. Discover operational and enterprise-wide reporting, extensibility with SAP Business Technology Platform and SAP API Business Hub, and new technologies for machine learning and AI.

c. Deployment and Implementation
Set yourself up for a successful deployment. Evaluate your adoption options and consider your approach: new implementation, system conversion, or a selective data transition. Then take your first steps toward implementation with SAP Activate.

Highlights include:

1) Finance
2) Manufacturing
3) Supply chain management
4) Sales, marketing, and commerce
5) Sourcing and procurement
6) Analytics and reporting
7) Industry solutions
8) Intelligent technologies
9) Architecture
10) Extensibility
11) Deployment

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