How to Cheat in Maya 2017: Tools and Techniques for Character Animation

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This is not a book about Maya software with a few animation pointers thrown in here and there. This is a guide to Maya software written by professional animators. This book provides you with complete, set-by-step walkthroughs of essential animation techniques that increase your speed and efficiency while using Maya 2017 for character animation. From curves to constraints, this book covers all of the methods available in the latest version of Maya. Featuring gold-mine coverage this book teaches you new techniques for working with characters in animation tests and short films. Accompanied by a companion site, this is the one and only guide to get you up to speed.

Key Features

  • Complete step-by-step, walkthroughs of essential techniques every animator needs to know.
  • Features interviews with leading experts and experienced animation leads.
  • Companion web site including all exercise/example scene files and extras such as video tutorials and animation files.
  • Interlude articles covering everything from Reference Video to Resumes.
  • CRC Press