SAP Fico Beginner's Hand Book: Your SAP User Manual, SAP for Dummies, SAP Books

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6Step by Step Screenshots Guided Handholding Approach to Learning

Explaining FI, CO Modules & Concepts to guide Consultants, Users, End Users gain confidence, get comfortable with and improve productivity using SAP FICO. Beginners who are in their First & Second year of career with SAP FICO will find this book beneficial the most.

How the Chapters are arranged

CHAPTER I - Helps YOU begin using SAP FICO on a strong note.

CHAPTER II - Grasp the concepts for a theoretical foundation on which SAP FICO is designed and built.

CHAPTERS III & IV - Get introduced to Transaction Codes & Standard Reports in SAP FICO.

CHAPTER V - Navigation in SAP FICO put YOU at complete ease with SAP Navigation and a strong footing to move forward confidently.

CHAPTERS VI & VII - Essential SAP Tips & Layout make YOURSAP FICO experience, a pleasure.

CHAPTER VIII - How YOU can work with Standard Reports.

CHAPTERS IX, X & XI - Experience authority in using Standard Reports. Topics Covered

  • Chapter I Navigation in SAP (Part - I)

  • Chapter II Concepts

  • Chapter III Data Entry

  • Chapter IV Standard Reports in FICO

  • Chapter V Navigation in SAP - (Part II)

  • Chapter VI SAP Tips & Tricks

  • Chapter VII Customizing SAP Layout

  • Chapter VIII Report Parameter Selections

  • Chapter IX List Functions

  • Chapter X ABC Analysis

  • Chapter XI Extract Management

Begin your journey with this book to understand and optimize using SAP FICO to take your career to greater heights.
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