Exam Ref 70-698 Installing and Configuring Windows 10

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0Prepare for Microsoft Exam 70-698-and help demonstrate your real-world mastery of Windows 10 installation and configuration. Designed for experienced IT pros ready to advance their status, this Exam Ref focuses on the critical-thinking and decision-making acumen needed for success at the MCSA level.

Focus on the skills measured on the exam:

- Prepare for and perform Windows 10 installation

- Configure devices and device drivers

- Perform post-installation configuration

- Implement Windows in the enterprise

- Configure and support networking, storage, data access, and usage

- Implement apps

- Configure remote management

- Configure updates, recovery, authorization, authentication, and management tools

- Monitor Windows

This Microsoft Exam Ref

- Organizes its coverage by the "Skills measured" posted on the exam webpage

- Features strategic, what-if scenarios to challenge you

- Provides exam preparation tips written by top trainers

- Points to in-depth material by topic for exam candidates needing additional review

- Assumes you are an IT pro looking to validate your skills in and knowledge of installing and configuring Windows 10

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