SQL Server 2017 Administration Inside Out

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Conquer SQL Server 2017 administration--from the inside out

Dive into SQL Server 2017 administration--and really put your SQL Server DBA expertise to work. This supremely organized reference packs hundreds of timesaving solutions, tips, and workarounds--all you need to plan, implement, manage, and secure SQL Server 2017 in any production environment: on-premises, cloud, or hybrid. Four SQL Server experts offer a complete tour of DBA capabilities available in SQL Server 2017 Database Engine, SQL Server Data Tools, SQL Server Management Studio, and via PowerShell. Discover how experts tackle today's essential tasks--and challenge yourself to new levels of mastery.

- Install, customize, and use SQL Server 2017's key administration and development tools

- Manage memory, storage, clustering, virtualization, and other components

- Architect and implement database infrastructure, including IaaS, Azure SQL, and hybrid cloud configurations

- Provision SQL Server and Azure SQL databases

- Secure SQL Server via encryption, row-level security, and data masking

- Safeguard Azure SQL databases using platform threat protection, firewalling, and auditing

- Establish SQL Server IaaS network security groups and user-defined routes

- Administer SQL Server user security and permissions

- Efficiently design tables using keys, data types, columns, partitioning, and views

- Utilize BLOBs and external, temporal, and memory-optimized tables

- Master powerful optimization techniques involving concurrency, indexing, parallelism, and execution plans

- Plan, deploy, and perform disaster recovery in traditional, cloud, and hybrid environments

For Experienced SQL Server Administrators and Other Database Professionals

- Your role: Intermediate-to-advanced level SQL Server database administrator, architect, developer, or performance tuning expert

- Prerequisites: Basic understanding of database administration procedures

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