Computer Hacking: A Beginners Guide to Computer Hacking (Hacking, How to Hack, Hacking Exposed, Hacking System, Hacking for Dummies, Hac

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1Computer Hacking Sale price. You will save 66% with this offer. Please hurry up A Beginner's Guide to Computer Technological advancement and progression is enhancing by leaps and bounds. Every new day turns out to be a milestone for something more sophisticated and advanced. As the involvement of information technology and soft infrastructure enhances in the modern day, there has been a number of issues which need a clear and accurate attention. Hacking is one such issue. Hackers have long operated as some unseen, hidden, and malicious force, but as knowledge and information enhances day by day, so now the domain of computer sciences and information technology is also trying to address this topic and enable the users to gain knowledge about hacking and enhancing their system's security. In this book I have discussed the hacker's domain in a common man's language. Starting from the most basic level is significant in achieving a greater level of success. So as hacking is prevalent and common nowadays, so everyone should have knowledge about it. Even though hacking pertains to a vast area of knowledge and issues, the major topics which will be presented in a detailed and elaborate way include the following:
  • A preliminary account of hacking, as a regime of information technology knowledge and its connections and areas of concern which need to be discussed and explored.
  • The basic activities which hackers perform. A step-by-step discussion of activities which are followed by hackers during any hacking venture.
  • An account of the hacking practices which enable the attack over emails and the Windows operating system.
  • The different types of hacking attacks which can target web servers.
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