Hacking for Beginners: Learn How to Hack! a Complete Beginners Guide to Hacking! Learn the Secrets That the Professional Hackers Are Using To

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Learn how to hack Get the scoop on the secret techniques that the professional hackers are using today

Protect yourself and your identity by learning hacking techniques. A must-have book

Hacking for Beginners contains proven steps and strategies on how to change computer hardware and software to achieve an objective which is beyond the maker's original concept.

So what is hacking?

Hacking is also termed as penetration testing which is aimed to determine the various security vulnerabilities of a system or program to secure it better. Hacking is in fact the art of discovering diverse security cracks.

Hacking has been in existence for many years. In fact, it has been practiced since the creation of the first computer programs and applications. Hacking is originally intended to safeguard and protect the integrity of IT systems, rather than destroy or cause such systems harm. That is the initial and most important goal of hacking, as it was conceived. Hackers or ethical hackers do just that-protect computer systems and applications.

Hacking is actually very easy and can be achieved by ordinary mortals like you, given that you have a computer and access to the internet. Learning to hack is actually the most exciting game you can ever play. As long as you do it within the bounds of law and ethics, it can provide you with recreation, education and skills that can qualify you for a high-paying job.

Hacking as it is discussed in this book shall be based on the concept of ethical hacking and by no means encourages cracking. Should you use the guide and concepts you will learn from this book for illegal activities, then that would be at your own risk. Nonetheless, the guides you will learn here are intended to provide you with a healthy recreation and as long as you practice it on your own computer or on a friend's (with their permission), you will be well on your way to learning the secrets of hacking that professional hackers are using today.

Here is a quick preview of what you will learn....

  • Hypotheses of hacking
  • The hacking process
  • How to customize start-up and shutdown screens
  • How to hack passwords of operating systems
  • Learning basic hacking techniques
  • Cutting off a LAN/Wi-Fi internet connection
  • How to Become a Google Bot
  • And much more

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