Password Log: Internet Address Book Journal for Storing Passwords: With a -Z Tabs for Easy Reference

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4Password Log: Internet Address Book for storing Passwords is a handy little journal diary to own if you are struggling to remember all your passwords. If like us, you write them on pieces of paper that you lose shortly afterwards then this book could be the solution to your problem. It is an easy to fill out password log book with lots of space for you to write your password information. With two pages for each letter and extra blank pages at the back, there's plenty of room to write well over 150 passwords. There's a handy directory section at the front for you to record useful websites. Each page is specially formatted for you to record your website information, user names, passwords, associated emails, secret questions or notes in the section at the back for quick reference. With A-Z tabs at the top of each page, you will find the websites and passwords that you are looking for quickly. With so much room, the book will last you for years and years and you will never lose a password again Portable and light weight and measuring 6" x 9," you can carry it around with you so you have all the important data you need right at your fingertips. Order your Internet Password Log Book today.
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