From Zero to SQL in 20 Lessons: SQL Language for the Beginner

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5Data is Everywhere Data is the new business asset and if you want to work with data you'll need know SQL or structured query language. If you can't write SQL queries, you're missing out on being able to handle this data first-hand. Zero to SQL is for those ready to dig in from chapter one. You'll get the basics described in beginner-friendly terms plus example code and community help so you're never alone on your SQL Journey. Let's Get Started You can use this book to learn how to construct SQL statements and summarize data for reporting. We will review how to insert, update, and delete data as well as joining tables together based on a relationship they have together. Creating tables and views is also covered and I give my thoughts on best practices on constructing queries and even how you might format them. Everything you need to start working writing queries in SQL Server is included in this book While the SQL language can be used in many databases, this book focuses on using SQL Server. The example database we use throughout the book is available for download at with instructions on how to get going with SQL Server. Take the First Step Learning something new can be challenging and I commend you for this new challenge. If you run into issues or have questions, you can check in with me at or on twitter @CarlosLChacon. I wish you the best on your new journey on the SQL trail.
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