Windows 10: Essentials for Administration

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4Expert advice for Windows 10 right at your fingertips. Includes updates for the Windows 10 anniversary edition

Practical and precise, this hands-on guide with ready answers is designed for architects, administrators, engineers and others working with Windows 10. If you're an IT Pro responsible for configuring, managing and maintaining computers running Windows 10, start with this well-organized and authoritative resource.

Inside you'll find expert insights, tips, tricks and workarounds that will save time and help you get the job done by giving you the right information right now. During the course of reading this book, you will master a number of complex topics, techniques, commands and functions.

Topics covered include:
Deploying and customizing the operating system
Installing and maintaining universal apps
Configuring Group Policy preferences and settings
Provisioning and using device management
Managing access and security
Installing hardware devices and drivers
Troubleshooting and resolving system issues
And much, much more

Reach new levels of mastery with this concise, immediate answers reference.

Table of Contents
About This Book
1. Welcome to Windows 10
Navigating Windows 10 Editions
Deploying Windows 10
Setting up Out of the Box
2. Working with Windows 10
Exploring Key Features
Getting to Know Windows 10
Running Windows 10
3. Implementing Device Management
Getting Started with Microsoft Intune
Getting Started with the Windows 10 ADK
Working with Windows Imaging And Configuration Designer
Creating and Deploying Provisioning Packages
Provisioning Walkthrough: Upgrading to Mobile Enterprise Edition
4. Using Policy-based Management
Configuring Domain-Joined Devices
Implementing Policy-based Management
Using Logon and Startup Policies
Using Scripts in Policies
Using Data Management Policies
Using Networking Policies
5. Using Preferences for Management
Working with Preferences
Managing Preference Items
6. Fine-Tuning User Account Control
Understanding UAC in Windows 10
Managing Elevation of Privileges
Managing UAC for Apps
7. Creating and Configuring Accounts
Local, Domain and Connected Accounts
Creating User Accounts
Configuring User Accounts
8. Maintaining Accounts
Managing Local User Accounts and Groups
Managing User Account Passwords
Managing Stored Credentials
9. Supporting Windows 10
Essential Support Tools
Managing System Time
Configuring Internet Time
Essential Maintenance Tools
10. Managing System Properties
Optimizing Performance Options
Managing Environment Variables
Configuring Startup and Recovery Options
Managing System Protection Settings
11. Optimizing Power Management
Managing Battery Power
Understanding Power Plans and Sleep Modes
Configuring Power Options
Managing Power Options from the Command Line
Working with Power Plans
Using Alarms and Configuring Alarm Actions
12. Configuring Hardware
Managing Device Installation
Working with Device Drivers
Maintaining Devices and Drivers
13. Installing and Maintaining Universal Apps
Working with Apps
Maintaining Apps
Optimizing App Security for the Enterprise
14. Maintaining Windows 10
Windows Update: The Essentials
Working with Support Services
Managing Services Using Preferences
Detecting and Resolving Windows 10 Errors
Scheduling Maintenance Tasks
15. Managing Data and Recovery
Using File History
Using Previous Versions
Managing Failures
Creating a Recovery Drive
Using Restore Points for Recovery
Troubleshooting Startup and Shutdown

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