Supplemental Erpsim SAP Labs & Textbook

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This textbook is out-of-date and is replaced by the S/4 HANA (with Fiori) Third edition: https: //

New for the third edition
  • S/4 HANA SAP Labs
  • SAP Fiori
  • Simulating the ECC to S/4 HANA Migration -- with ERPsim
  • OData connectivity and OData analytics
  • Expanded strategy discussions

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This supplemental ERPsim textbook is written for the typical student who has limited to no experience with ERP or SAP. Intended to complement ERPsim's existing documentation, students will first gain experience learning ERP (using SAP as an example ERP system) and then learn the ERPsim production process. After honing their end-user SAP skills, the focus shifts towards exploring game-winning strategies for competitive simulations.

This text is not geared towards computer science or other MIS/IT fields.

ERPsim and this text provide a friendly introduction to business concepts for non-business students.

Additional videos and resources are available for both instructors and students at the official course website:

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