Technology Across the Curriculum: Half-Year Edition: Word, Excel, and HTML

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0This book was written after ten years of classroom experience teaching academic concepts while demonstrating the necessary computer skills students need to succeed on the high school and college levels. Moreover, these skills will remain with students well after they have finished their academic careers. The exercises chosen for this book were selected to compliment academic courses (with an attempt to have some fun in other areas). Technology Across the Curriculum is an integrated approach to learning computer skills as well as reinforcing academic subjects that range from science, math, art, history, English skills, economics, ethics, and political science. The idea behind this book is to broaden students' academic knowledge and skills while honing their computer aptitude. Above all, many of the computer skills and academic subjects covered in this book will not only compliment other courses, but will stay with students long after they have graduated and entered adulthood. This book was written with the classroom in mind and an instructor, but it was also written with the independent learner in mind as well. The step-by-step instructions with screenshots and examples will help any learner complete all the tasks within this book.
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