CCNA V3 Routing and Switching 200-125: 650+ CCNA Questions and Answers

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4*** CCNA Certification Study Guide ***

CCNA certification has become increasingly difficult and requires proper preparation to pass the exam. There is a high pass score of 82% and an average fail rate of 70% on first attempt. This top-rated study guide is designed as a complete certification course with seven instructional modules. You will learn all CCNA fundamentals in less time than standard books.

New and updated topics include IPv6 addressing, MPLS, MLPPP, PPPoE, GRE, QoS and eBGP. In addition there is coverage of switch stacking, cloud services, virtualization, firewalls, wireless, SDN, 802.1x, APIC-EM and DHCP snooping. CiscoNet Solutions training is based on a step-by-step approach with study guides, lab training, study notes and practice tests. It is all designed to prepare you for passing the CCNA certification exam.

  • Top-Rated CCNA Study Guide
  • Prepare for CCNA in Less Time
  • Concepts, Features and Fundamentals
  • Protocol Operation and Design Rules
  • Troubleshooting Root Cause Analysis
  • Common Configuration Examples
  • CCNA IOS Command Reference
  • CCNA Test Taking Strategies
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