Password Book with Tabs: Password Keeper Organizer Bubbles: Internet Address Book & Password Journal in One Book, 6 X 9 Over 180 Passwords

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7If you are always writing your passwords down on bits of paper and forgetting where you put them when you need them then this Password Book is for You. It has tabs printed on each page so that you can easily find what you are looking for. Useful website list directory at the front and room for plenty of notes at the back as well as room to store over 180 passwords makes this the ideal Password Book. You will never forget one of your passwords again, simply write it down along with any hints, user names, website addresses, you name it, you can now write it down in this handy password organizer. It makes a great gift for friends and family members who are always forgetting what their passwords are. Order your Password Book with tabs today and say goodbye to forgotten email addresses, passwords or useful information when online.
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