Amazon Echo Dot: Everything you Need to Know About Amazon Echo Dot 2016: (Updated Edition) (2nd Generation, Amazon Echo, Dot, Echo Dot,

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0Amazon Echo Dot: Everything you Need to Know About Amazon Echo Dot 2016

The Amazon Echo Dot is a compact device which is capable of hearing you from across the other side of the room; even with other noises going on. This is a testimony to the vast improvement in the microphone quality and the dedication Amazon has to providing the best possible product. The Amazon echo Dot is a remarkable device which has brought the idea of a voice controlled home, previously only seen in science fiction homes; closer to reality.

It is easy to set up the device; it can be achieved in just a few moments using the original guide in this series. In fact, it is fairly intuitive. The real fun begins once you have accessed the Alexa app and connected to your Wi-Fi; you may be surprised at just what this small device can achieve.

The follow items are covered in this guide:
  • A comparison of the Echo Dot to its Google competitor which has only just arrived on the market. There is also an analysis of the impressive qualities this device has.
  • A range of useful Alexa commands, ranging from the simple to the complex.
  • Introducing smart systems and how they can be connected to your Echo Dot to enable voice control and even control away from home.
  • Known issues with the Echo Dot and how to overcome them
  • Configuring the Echo Dot and making the most of its capabilities.

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