Facebook Search: Profiles, Places & Pages: A Guide for Investigators, Journalists, Researchers & Recruiters

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7The most comprehensive guide available for advanced Facebook search techniques

Facebook Search is a two-part technical manual for power searchers. It explores the queries and methods used by investigators, journalists, researchers, and recruiters to dig deep into the world's largest social database. These techniques emphasize the Graph Search and Keyword Search methods used by the author in complex online investigations.

People, Places & Pages are the foundations of search and they are the focus of this book, Facebook Search: Part I. Everything you need to know to find People on Facebook is covered including finding People through demographic details that include Name, Age, Employers, Schools, Job Titles, Degrees, Cities of Residence, Language skills, and more.

Complete with diagrams, flow charts, and practical exercises, this book outlines the nuts and bolts of search. It identifies what you can search, where it's located, how the search engine Unicorn indexes it, and how you can direct Unicorn to retrieve it with precision. You'll learn a simple, easily extendable query language that you can enter into the address bar as a Search URL and troubleshoot, as needed, via your new understanding of search.

Many of the queries discussed in this book have not been published before.

This hands-on guide is an essential reference spanning over 350 pages on topics that include:

  • How Facebook Search Works
  • How to Create Graph Search & Keyword Search URLs
  • How to Find Facebook IDs
  • Facebook Account Settings for Searchers
  • Profile Search Techniques Using Emails, Phone Numbers, and Screen Names
  • Finding People Via Profile Data Like Name, Age, Employer, Job Title & More
  • Facebook Activity Search Including Likes, Check-Ins, and Tags
  • Finding Places and Pages by Names, Categories, and IDs
  • Group, Events, and App Search
  • Plus, a Resource Section with Search URLs & IDs for Advanced Queries

Find the most advanced search options available here for finding People, Places & Pages on Facebook. Then, turn to Facebook Search: Part II for over 200 pages covering Posts, Photos & Videos.

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