Amazon Echo Dot: 259 Funniest Alexa Questions and Easter Eggs: (2nd Generation, Amazon Echo, Dot, Echo Dot, Amazon Echo User Manual, Ec

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3Amazon Echo Dot: 259 Funniest Alexa Questions And Easter Eggs

The Amazon Echo Dot is a small Bluetooth speaker which is capable of far more than may first be apparent. It provides access to the internet and to a variety of systems around the home. But the real jewel in its crown is the fact that it has an excellent voice recognition system combined with high quality microphones. You can talk to this small device from the other side of a crowded noisy room and it will respond appropriately.

As well as using it to control your home and play music; you can ask it to surf the internet for you You will also quickly discover that there are many other commands or questions you can use to get either iconic or hilarious responses. The difficulty can sometimes be in finding all these responses in the same place. This book covers the following to help ensure you can find everything you are looking for:

  • Intro to Alexa and the Amazon Echo Dot; just in case you are not yet familiar with it
  • A selection of 23 film related questions and phrases with the responses you will get from Alexa.
  • A further selection of 42 general statements designed to get some excellent responses. Alexa's answers are, again documented.
  • A further selection of 194 questions and phrases for you to test quit yourself. You will just need to remember to start them with Alexa and many of them will have multiple responses.
  • Finally a brief conclusion regarding why the future is so bright for Alexa

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