Arm Assembly for Embedded Applications, 4th Edition

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5ARM Assembly for Embedded Applications is a text for a sophomore-level course in computer science, computer engineering, or electrical engineering that teaches students how to write functions in ARM assembly called by a C program. The C/Assembly interface (i.e., function call, parameter passing, return values, register conventions) is presented early so that students can write simple functions in assembly as soon as possible. The text then covers the details of arithmetic, bit manipulation, making decisions, loops, integer arithmetic, real arithmetic floating-point and fixed-point representations, inline coding and I/O programming.What's new: This 4th edition adds more than 30 pages of new material, including a complete revision of Chapter 12 to focus on composite data types with applications for rational and complex arithmetic. The text now uses the GNU ARM Embedded Toolchain for program development on Windows, Linux or OS X operating systems, and is supported by a textbook website that provides numerous resources including PowerPoint lecture slides, programming assignments and a run-time library.