MCSA Cloud Infrastructure Lab Guide: 70-534 Exam: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

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Azure provides Virtual Datacenter in the Cloud. You can scale up or scale down resources in your Virtual Datacenter on demand. In Azure cloud you get managed resources which don't require skilled manpower for deployment. You pay for what you use. Where as on premises Datacenter require lot of skilled resources, time and money for deployment and management.

MCSA Cloud Infrastructure Lab Guide for 70-534 Exam prepares you for hands on experience on Azure Cloud. There are more than 70 labs. Topics Include Virtual Networks, Network Security Groups, Availability Set, Azure Compute, Azure Storage, Azure Active Directory, Backup, SQL Database, Security Center, Operations Management Suite, Web Apps and Load Balancers.

Whether you want to get certified or want hands on experience in deploying Virtual Datacenter in Azure Cloud, this lab guide will help you achieve your objective.

Harinder Kohli is a Cloud and Virtual Data Center Architect.

Table of Contents
Signing to Azure Cloud and Lab Tricks
Azure Active Directory
SQL Database
Security Center
Operational Management Suite (OMS)
Web App
Load Balancing
Global Load Balancing with Traffic Manager

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