Hacking: Penetration Testing with Kali Linux: Guide for Beginners

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8This book is a guide on how to use Kali Linux for penetration testing. It begins by guiding you on how to use the "Sqlmap" tool to perform an SQL injection. This will help you seal any loopholes in your databases. The book then guides you on how to use a tool named "Fluxion" so as to hack networks which are protected by WPA/WPA2. Brute forcing has been used for carrying out this kind of attack. You will also learn how to check or know the location for a particular IP address in the world. You will learn how to get details about this location in terms of longitude, country, and other parameters. The process of hiding or spoofing MAC addresses for your devices is very important for penetration testing. This book guides you on how to spoof the MAC address of your devices. After developing a website or before you can hack a website, it is good for you to scan it and identify any loopholes or vulnerabilities within it. You can then go ahead and exploit these vulnerabilities, or seal them to prevent a disaster. This book guides you on how to scan a website and identify any vulnerability within it. You are guided on how to hack Android phones by the use of Kali Linux. HTP servers usually have an open FTP port. This book guides you on how to use this port and gain access to the server. You will also know how to carry out a mass mailer attack, as well as password cracking in Kali Linux. The following topics are discussed in this book: - Sqlmap for Website Hacking - How to Hack WPA/WPA2 without Brute Force - Checking for IP Address Location - MAC Address Spoofing - Scanning a Website for Vulnerability - Hacking Android Phones with Kali Linux -Hacking FTP Server in Kali Linux - Creating a Persistent Backdoor in Android - Mass Mailer Attack - Password Cracking
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