Think Like a Programmer, Python Edition: A Beginner's Guide to Programming and Problem Solving

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7Programming isn't just about syntax and assembling code--it's about problem solving, and all good programmers must think creatively to solve problems. Like the best-selling Think Like a Programmer before it (with over 75,000 copies sold worldwide), this Python-based edition will help you transition from reading programs to writing them, in, Python. (No prior programming experience required )

Rather than simply point out solutions to problems, author V. Anton Spraul will get you thinking by exposing you to techniques that will teach you how to solve programming problems on your own. Each chapter covers a single programming concept like data types, control flow, code reuse, recursion, and classes, then a series of Python-based exercises have you put your skills to the test.

You'll learn how to:
-Break big problems down into simple, manageable steps to build into solutions
-Write custom functions to solve new problems
-Use a debugger to examine each line of your running program in order to fully understand how it works
-Tackle problems strategically by turning each new concept into a problem-solving tool

The Python edition of Think Like a Programmer aims squarely at the beginning programmer, with additional chapters on early programming topics such as variables, decisions, and looping.

Version: This book is based on Python 3.

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