Rxjava for Android Developers: With Reactivex and Frp

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RxJava for Android Developers teaches you how to build fast, fluid, and reactive mobile apps for Android with RxJava.

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About the Technology

For Android developers, writing multithreaded apps can be as challenging as it is necessary. RxJava simplifies complex threading operations, maintaining proper synchronization as you switch seamlessly from thread to thread. RxJava also brings the benefits of reactive programming to your apps--that means better real-time responsiveness, the holy grail for every Android developer.

About the Book

RxJava for Android Developers begins by inviting you to think about programming and data the reactive way. This engaging, hands-on essential reference introduces you to the central pattern of RxJava for Android, then explains the View Model before exploring highly sought-after app features like chat clients and elegant transitions. Finally, you'll look at high-level design concerns and architectural approaches and frameworks that work well with Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) thinking.

What's inside

  • An introduction to reactive programming
  • Easier thread management
  • Improving UI responsiveness
  • Thinking asynchronously
  • Building a working chat client

About the Reader

Readers should have some experience building Android applications. No experience with RxJava is needed.

About the Author

Timo Tuominen has used FRP and RxJava extensively while working with Futurice as an architect of a major Android project for Samsung.

Table of Contents

    PART 1 - Core reactive programming
  1. Introduction to reactive programming
  2. Networking with observables
  3. Building data processing chains
  4. Connecting the user interface with networking
  5. Advanced RxJava
  6. PART 2 - Architectures in RxJava
  7. Reactive view models
  8. Developing with view models
  9. Expanding existing Rx apps
  10. Testing reactive code
  11. PART 3 - Advanced RxJava architectures
  12. Advanced architectures: Chat client 1
  13. Advanced architectures: Chat client 2
  14. Transitions with Rx
  15. Making a maps client
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