Applied Health Analytics and Informatics Using SAS

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1Leverage health data into insight

Applied Health Analytics and Informatics Using SAS describes health anamatics, a result of the intersection of data analytics and health informatics. Healthcare systems generate nearly a third of the world's data, and analytics can help to eliminate medical errors, reduce readmissions, provide evidence-based care, demonstrate quality outcomes, and add cost-efficient care. This comprehensive textbook includes data analytics and health informatics concepts, along with applied experiential learning exercises and case studies using SAS Enterprise MinerTM within the healthcare industry setting. Topics covered include:

  • Sampling and modeling health data - both structured and unstructured
  • Exploring health data quality
  • Developing health administration and health data assessment procedures
  • Identifying future health trends
  • Analyzing high-performance health data mining models
Applied Health Analytics and Informatics Using SAS is intended for professionals, lifelong learners, senior-level undergraduates, graduate-level students in professional development courses, health informatics courses, health analytics courses, and specialized industry track courses. This textbook is accessible to a wide variety of backgrounds and specialty areas, including administrators, clinicians, and executives.

This book is part of the SAS Press program.

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