The Elephant in the Fridge: Guided Steps to Data Vault Success through Building Business-Centered Models

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You want the rigor of good data architecture at the speed of agile? Then this is the missing link - your step-by-step guide to Data Vault success.

Success with a Data Vault starts with the business and ends with the business. Sure, there's some technical stuff in the middle, and it is absolutely essential - but it's not sufficient on its own. This book will help you shape the business perspective, and weave it into the more technical aspects of Data Vault modeling.

You can read the foundational books and go on courses, but one massive risk still remains. Dan Linstedt, the founder of the Data Vault, very clearly directs those building a Data Vault to base its design on an "enterprise ontology". And Hans Hultgren similarly stresses the importance of the business concepts model. So it's important. We get that. But:

What on earth is an enterprise ontology/business concept model, 'cause I won't know if I've got one if I don't know what I'm looking for?

If I can't find one, how do I get my hands on such a thing?

Even if I have one of these wonderful things, how do I apply it to get the sort of Data Vault that's recommended?

It's actually not as hard as some would fear to answer all of these questions, and it's certainly worth the effort. This book just might save you a world of pain. It's a supplement to other material on Data Vault modeling, but it's the vital missing link to finding simplicity for Data Vault success.

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