PowerShell: IT Pro Solutions

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Covers all release versions of PowerShell. Practical and precise, this hands-on guide with ready answers is designed for IT professionals working with Microsoft products, whether for on-premises, hybrid or cloud support. Inside, you'll find expert insights, tips, tricks and workarounds that will show you how to make the most of PowerShell in the shortest amount of time possible. During the course of reading this book, you will master a number of complex topics, techniques, commands and functions.

This book focuses on core PowerShell functionality:

Passing startup parameters and initializing the environment

Creating and using scripts for everyday tasks

Parsing values, output streams and formatting output

Creating and using profiles, aliases and other shortcuts

Using snap-ins, providers, and modules

Enabling remoting, executing remote commands and establishing sessions

Creating background jobs and scheduling them to run automatically

Using expressions and operators

Working with variables, arrays, strings and other PowerShell structures

Creating aliases and functions

Understanding object types, methods and properties

Creating and using objects

Using transcripts to record activities at the prompt

Executing blocks of commands as transactions

Performing conditional execution with If statements

Checking for multiple conditions with switch

Controlling the flow of execution using loops

PowerShell: IT Pro Solutions can be used with the companion book, PowerShell for Administration.

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