Making Things Smart: Easy Embedded JavaScript Programming for Making Everyday Objects Into Intelligent Machines

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Making Things Smart teaches the fundamentals of the powerful ARM microcontroller by walking beginners and experienced users alike through easily assembled projects comprised of inexpensive, hardware-store parts.

  • Projects in this book include:
      What Is an Electric Motor?
        Experiment 1: Faraday's Motor
        Experiment 2: Motor with Commutator
        Experiment 3: Stepper Motor
        Experiment 4: Stepper Motor Control
        Experiment 5: More Stepper Motor Control
      Stroboscope Tachometer
        Experiment 6: Detecting Speed
        Experiment 7: Stroboscope
        Experiment 8: Brighter Stroboscope
      John Logie Baird's TV
        Experiment 9: Persistence of Vision
        Experiment 10: John Logie Baird's TV
      Make a Simple Robot
        Experiment 11: Try Out a Servo Motor
        Experiment 12: Make a Simple Robot
        Experiment 13: Following Light
      Pen Plotter
        Experiment 14: Pen Plotter
      Digital Pinhole Camera
        Experiment 15: Making a Digital Camera
      Experiment 16: Making a Printer
      Wired Communication
        Experiment 17: Making an Oscilloscope
      Cutting the Cord: Infrared
        Experiment 18: Making the IR Receiver
        Experiment 19: Decoding IR Signals
        Experiment 20: Using Our Decoded Signal
        Experiment 21: Using Our Remote Control on the Net, with
        Experiment 22: Using Our Remote Control on the Net, with IFTTT
      Cutting the Cord: Radio Signals
        Experiment 23: Wiring Up the Receiver
        Experiment 24: Wiring Up a Transmitter
        Experiment 25: Transmitting from Espruino
        Experiment 26: Decoding the Received Data
      Connecting with WiFi
        Experiment 27: Adding WiFi to Your Pico
        Experiment 28: Testing Your Wiring
        Experiment 29: Connecting to WiFi
        Experiment 30: Sending Data to the Internet
        Experiment 31: Getting Data from the Internet
        Experiment 32: Creating a Server
      Bluetooth Low Energy
        Experiment 33: Using Puck.js
        Experiment 34: Making a Door Opening Counter
        Experiment 35: Advertising Door Openings
        Experiment 36: Receiving Door Openings with Eddystone
      XY Plotter
        Experiment 37: Making an XY Table
        Experiment 38: Controlling the XY Table
      Internet-Connected Plotter
        Experiment 39: Internet-Connected Plotter

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