Help! My Kid Wants to Become a Youtuber: Your Child Can Learn Life Skills Such as Resilience, Consistency, Networking, Financial Literacy, and More Wh

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4DOES YOUR KID WANT TO BECOME A YOUTUBER? Like many parents, you are successful and that is awesome But you are busy, and your kid spends much of his time with his face buried in his computer or phone It is time to turn this screen time into LEARN TIME Your kid is already in love with YouTube and is begging you to help them become a YouTuber Stop worrying about it LET ME HELP YOU HELP THEM This book is for you to help understand the phenomenon that is YouTube and to give you tips to empower your kids to have a safe and meaningful experience on their favorite website. You will learn how to help your kid:
  • Create a channel making videos they love
  • Understand the importance of networking with other kid YouTubers
  • Stay safe online and how to handle trolls and harassment
  • Learn how real kids make real money doing this
  • And much, much more
Many kids are making six-figure incomes from posting videos and having the time of their lives YouTube is a wonderful hobby you can help your kids make the most of - and even a legitimate career path. Whatever the case, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU This is your chance to help your kid create their first business doing something they are super passionate about Creating their own YouTube channel helps kids learn Resilience, Consistency, Networking, Financial Literacy, and much more while having a TON OF FUN You have your hands full being a parent; I got this one for you
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