Machine Intelligence: Demystifying Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Deep Learning

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning are considered as hot technologies of this century. As these technologies move from research labs to enterprise data centers, the need for skilled professionals is continuously on the rise. This book is intended for IT and business professionals looking to gain proficiency in these technologies but are turned off by the complex mathematical equations. This book is also useful for students in the area of artificial intelligence and machine learning to gain a conceptual understanding of the algorithms and get an industry perspective.

This book is an ideal place to start your journey as

-Core concepts of machine learning algorithms are explained in plain English using illustrations, data tables and examples

-Intuitive meaning of the mathematics behind popular machine learning algorithms explained

-Covers classical machine learning, neural networks and deep learning algorithms

At a time when the IT industry is focusing on reskilling its vast human resources, Machine intelligence is a very timely publication. It has a simple approach that builds up from basics, which would help software engineers and students looking to learn about the field as well as those who might have started off without the benefit of a structured introduction or sound basics. Highly recommended.

- Siddhartha S, Founder and CEO of Intain - Financial technology startup

Suresh has written a very accessible book for practitioners. The book has depth yet avoids excessive mathematics. The coverage of the subject is very good and has most of the concepts required for understanding machine learning if someone is looking for depth. For senior management, it will provide a good overview. It is well written. I highly recommend it.

- Whee Teck ONG, CEO of Trusted Source and VP of Singapore Computer Society

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