Shit I can't remember: Password manager book with alphabet tabs and discreet romantic watercolor design (5"x8") - a great gift for for kids,

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Cute, discreet password organizer, keeper, tracker, log or manager for login data from A to Z, email addresses, device passwords, software licenses, internet service provider (ISP), web host and home network settings data.

This "disguised" password book with "title" just on the spine contains over 210 empty login sets for your data. An alphabetical tab is printed on each page. This allows you to store your password clearly and retrieve it in seconds

Book Details:

  • Attractive, discreet colorful flower cover design
  • Minimalist interior design
  • With 5 tips for secure passwords
  • Handy pocket size: 5 x 8 inch
  • Number of pages: 144 pages
  • Layout: 4 empty login sets per page, 8 per letter - 210+ total
  • A specific section for useful internet & computer information
  • A double page for home network settings
  • Additional 40 lined pages, perfect for notes, sketches, addresses, and messages...
  • Additional interior: alphabetically printed sections each, 4 pages per letter
  • With dedication/belongs to page (ideal for giving away and passing on)
  • Flexible softcover and glossy finish

Get your passwords organized in style with this adorable password keeper.

Independently Published