Beginners Guide iPhone 11 Series For The Elderly: Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features Manual to Master Your iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Max As a Senior

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You just bought the iPhone 11 or 11 Pro, and haven't learned anything new on the device? Or you have been searching for some advanced tips and tricks to enable you to master this device? Or you are an Android Switcher or Novice iPhone User looking for a guide to help you navigate through the iPhone? Then this Manual is for you. It is time to dig in to see what settings and features you can tweak to get the most out of your iPhone 11. This manual will guide you through basic to advanced features and also enhance your ownership of the iPhone 11/11 Pro. It also presents some hidden tips and tricks that you never knew could be done on the device.
Other Information You get from this book include:
The Standard iPhone 11 and the Pro Version Which Should I get?
Important additional Accessories of the iPhone 11 Series you should get
How to set Up Your iPhone 11/11 Pro and 11 Pro Max
Useful iPhone 11 Gestures
How to carryout Basic Navigation on the iPhone
How to Add Card to Apple Pay
How to Adjust Photo Size Before Uploading on Safari
How to use the Photos Editor
How to use the Video Editor
How to Download Apps from the App Store
How to setup Face ID & PasscodeHow to Customize the Control Center
How to set up "Hey Siri"
How to use Advanced Siri Voice Commands
How to Send iMessage/Animoji
How to Activate AssistiveTouch
How to Connect Multiple Pairs of Airpods or Powerbeat Pro to the iPhone 11
How to connect Playstation 4 and Xbox One S Bluetooth controllers to iPhone 11 For Gaming
How to Optimize Battery Charging
How to Add Emergency Contacts to Lock Screen
How to temporarily disable Emergency Contact from the lock Screen
How to Delete Medical ID Permanently
How To Add More Face IDs
How to Add More Friends to Group FaceTime
How to autosave and autofill login username and passwords on any website access on Safari
How to Use Camera Effects
How to Use Camera for Advanced Photography
How to Setup Notifications
How to Use Downtime in Screen Time
How to bypass Downtime Limits
How to have backups to your Photos and Videos on iCloud
How to Use the Measure App
How to Remove Used Pass
How to Activate Low Data Mode
How to take Screenshots on your iPhone 11
How to take Screenshots an entire Web page on Safari
How to Record Your Screen on iPhone 11
How to use Keyboard as a trackpad
How to jump to the top of a page from the bottom
How to activate Accessibility Shortcuts From the Side button
How to create Secure notes
How to Check Available Storage on the iPhone 11
How to increase iCloud Storage
How to set up two-factor authentication
How to Enable Dark Mode
How to Transfer Files Between Apple Devices Using Airdrop
How to Scan QR Codes
How to Control Your Device with Voice
How to Use the New Gestures for Select text, Copy, Cut, Paste, Redo and undo
How to Use Intelligent Selection
How to Use Cycle Tracking in Health
How to Update iOS on the iPhone
How to Receive Calls on Other Devices
How to Configure Filming Speed On the iPhone
How to Recover a Stolen iPhone
And Many More Tricks and Tips

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