iPhone 11, 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max User Manual: A Comprehensive Illustrated, Practical Guide with Tips & Tricks to Mastering The iPhone 11 Series And iOS

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2The complete iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max & iOS 13 User Manual with Latest Tips and Tricks. The iPhone 11 series is the largest and most powerful phone Apple's ever created, taking the very best of its technology and combining it with an upgraded design that includes a new matte back, three cameras designed to rival the best from Google and Huawei, 4K video at 60 frames per second with extended dynamic range, Better sound from the phone's speakers and an enhanced battery for greater endurance.Getting a new iPhone is exciting; it can almost feel like getting a new toy. If you've already had an iPhone (or maybe several), then chances are you already know how it works. But the iPhone 11 Series will throw you a curveball because the Apple's latest iPhone operating system, iOS 13 offers a heap of new features.This book contains beginners to advanced tips and tricks that will help you to master your iPhone 11 Series and iOS 13. Here is a preview of what you will learn: -Basic set up guide-Restoring Or Transfering Your Data From Another Phone-Face ID and 3D Touch-Essential Settings and configurations-Detailed app tutorials-Switching between Apps-Animoji and Memoji-Apple Pay-Set Custom Schedule for Dark Mode-The Depth Control-The Haptic Touch-Track Menstrual Cycle in Health App-Interact With The New Volume HUD-Use The New Formatting Bar-Use New Cut, Copy, and Paste Gestures-Discover Photos From This Day in Past Years in Photos App-Replace Snapseed with iOS 13's New Photo Editor-Share ETA from Maps App View and Analyze Screen Time Data for Past 30 Days-View and Analyze Screen Time Data for Past 30 Days-Use Memoji Stickers Anywhere in iOS-Use Automatic Dark Mode for Supported Websites in Safari-Quickly Open Emojis With The New Dedicated Button-How To Scan Documents Right to Your iPhone, iCloud, or Third-Party Services with the Files App in iOS 13-How To Connect Your PS4 Controller to Your iPhone for Easier Gameplay-How You Can Turn Your Live Photos into Videos in iOS 13-Teach Siri How to Correctly Pronounce Names-Use your Keyboard as a Trackpad-How to Place the Cursor, Make Selections and Perform Edits-Much, much, more Scroll up and click BUY WITH 1-CLICK to add this book to your library.
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