iPhone 11 User Guide: The Simple Manual to Understand Your iPhone 11 with Tips and Tricks

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3After many speculations and wild guesses, the iPhone 11, which is the newest entry to the Apple iPhone family, is officially available. HURRAY

The device was introduced together with the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Max to replace Apple's phased-out iPhone XR, XS and XS Max models. These latest iPhone devices came configured with the iOS software that was released in September 2019.

The iPhone 11 looks stunning in videos but look even better physically.

  1. Have you recently acquired an iPhone 11?
  2. Are you searching for a detailed user guide to help you configure your new iPhone phone and understand it?
  3. Are you searching for a manual to uncover all of your latest device's great features?
  4. Are you curious to know what to do after unboxing it and undergoing the initial setup phase?

Okay, this book is for you

The contents of this book are in clear and concise words, with a detailed approach to help you understand your device as quickly as possible.

A look at this guide will teach you the following:

  1. How to Activate and Configure Your iPhone
  2. How to Add Password: Set Up Screen Lock
  3. How to Change the Auto-Lock (Screen Timeout) Time
  4. How to Insert Sim Card Properly
  5. How to Configure and Use Face ID to Unlock Your iPhone
  6. How to Turn "Tap to Wake" and "Raise to Wake" On and Off
  7. How to Block and Unblock a Number
  8. How to Make a Phone Call
  9. How to Setup Call forwarding
  10. How to Make Conference Call
  11. How to Navigate Your iPhone with Voice Control
  12. How to Find Your iPhone if Misplaced or Stolen

...and many more topics.

Get this book to provide answers to all your questions about your new device.

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