Grandma's Password Book: Granny's Personal Notebook to Protect Usernames and Passwords - With Tabs

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Perfect notebook to keep track of all passwords and credentials

  • Password Tab (alphabetically sorted)
  • Pre-printed fields (website, password, username, security questions, notes)
  • Additional page for Wi-Fi, e-mail, PIN, and PUK
  • 16 Entries per letter
  • 6 x 9 Inches

Tired of constantly forgetting your password? Are you looking for a handy password book to keep your online credentials, logins, Wi-Fi passwords, license keys, PINs and PUKs organized?

Then this password book is the perfect companion for your everyday life. On 100 pages you have enough space to write down all websites and service providers you use. Say goodbye to the paper chaos.

This password organizer is very easy to fill out and comes with a clear letter tab from A to Z. There are 4 pages for each letter. On each page, you have space for 4 entries. In total, you have 16 pre-printed password fields per letter.

Each individual password field contains columns for the website, username, password, and notes or a security question. You also have an extra chart on the first page to record your Wi-Fi information, email addresses, and PINs and PUKs.

This notebook is 6x9 inches and can therefore easily be hidden in the bookshelf.

This password manager is also ideal as a Christmas or Birthday gift for your mother, father or grandma, and grandpa. The large font and pleasant layout make this notebook easy to use.

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