Machine Learning: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Understanding Machine Learning

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9Curious to discover the revolutionary technology that is shaping our future and changing the world?
Machine learning is a part of the field of computer science that involves computer systems being able to "learn" with data despite not being programmed explicitly. In 2017, AlphaGo, which is AI developed by Google DeepMind and started off by only knowing the rules of the game, was eventually able to train itself and beat Ke Jie, the world No.1 ranked player at the time. Although this may not seem that impressive at first, it is important to understand that Go is a very complex game that many programmers were not able to trump with AI in the past.

Although Go is an interesting example, the possibilities of using machine learning are limitless. From retail to medicine to finance, machine learning has the ability to change each industry it comes into contact with. In fact, this revolution has already begun and will only continue to get bigger. According to, the artificial intelligence industry is set to grow exponentially in the next few years from $7 Billion in 2018 to $90 Billion in 2025 This isn't something you can afford to miss.

Without a doubt it is the future. However, it is as complex as it is revolutionary. If you do not have a background or any experience in the field, it is easy to get bogged down by all the complicated concepts and term. Furthermore, finding information that is easy to understand can prove to be a challenge because it most likely will not be thorough even if you do find it.

In this book, you will find the perfect balance between the information being very thorough and being able to understand it. Although tailored for beginners, it won't contain simple and easily accessible information. You will dive deep into the field but will be carefully led through it in a way that will make everything easy to understand even if you do not have a technical background in computer programming.

Some of the things you will discover include...

  • What Machine Learning Really Is And The Surprising Ways It Can Change The World
  • How The Field Can Be Broken Down And Learned In A Manageable Way
  • Various Applications and Potential of Machine Learning That You Can Utilize - That You May Never Have Even Imagined
  • Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning - And Breaking Them Down Step By Step
  • Breaking Down Neural Networks In An Extremely Easy To Understand Way
  • Exclusive Machine Learning Algorithms That Will Develop A Foundation To Build Your Skills

  • And much more

Whether you are looking to gain knowledge for a potential career in machine learning, want to learn how this will impact our future, or simply want to satisfy your curiosity about potentially the greatest technological advancement of our time, this book will help tremendously in understanding machine learning.

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