Facing Internet Technology and Gaming Addiction: A Gentle Path to Beginning Recovery from Internet and Video Game Addiction

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International technology addiction experts, Cash, Rae, and Carnes collaborate in a cutting-edge workbook designed for individuals with problematic technology use such as gaming addiction, compulsive internet, and social media use.

Some of the country's leading experts in technology addiction have adapted the groundbreaking Thirty Task Model used by thousands of therapists worldwide to treat technology and internet addiction. Using innovative tasks and exercises, the reader can engage in a plan designed to defeat addiction and restore lifestyle balance. This book is designed to be used as an adjunct to therapy, and works well with the twelve step programs, or other programs such as SMART recovery.

Accessing the online world provides new, exciting, and disturbing things. You probably discovered porn, gaming, social media, and endless information on any subject that interests you. Soon you learned that with a smartphone in hand, you were granted Internet access 24/7, anytime, anywhere.With all this saturation of digital media, it is not surprising that people get hooked so easily. When we are overexposed to anything that overstimulates the pleasure centers of the brain, there is great risk for addiction. Many people do not think about activities as being potentially addictive, but they can be.

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