My Cell Phone Can Think: A Textbook on Artificial Intelligence

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If you are curious about Artificial Intelligence and wish to dig a little more than what other "AI intro" books can show you, or if you are a parent and would like to prepare your child for the age of Artificial Intelligence, then this book is for you.

From voice assistants to self-driving cars, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is showing up everywhere. As AI applications expand to more fields, it is becoming more and more important for children to know about AI. Parents may wonder how to prepare their children for a society in which AI is so prevalent.

Fortunately, the basics of AI are easier to understand than the mathematical tricks children have to learn in school. MY CELL PHONE CAN THINK: A Textbook on Artificial Intelligence is a fun-to-read book on AI, but it is also designed for use as a textbook and includes technical information and Q&A.