3Com: The Unsung Saga of the Silicon Valley Startup That Helped Give Birth to the Internet -- And Then Fumbled the Ball.

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4It's the hottest tech startup that nobody remembers. What went wrong? 3Com's game-changing technology helped make everything from the Internet, WiFi, and email part of our daily lives. The company's founder invented the core networking technology that made it possible to connect every computer, tablet, and phone on the planet--and later famously (and incorrectly) predicted the imminent death of the Internet. 3Com's legacy paved the way for the networked lifestyle--from Facebook to spam--that define our lives today. So what happened?More than just a history of a once-powerful tech powerhouse, readers will take away key business lessons still relevant today. They'll meet a kaleidoscopic cast of characters--people who illustrate how different personalities and leadership styles can shape the trajectory of a company reaching for the brass ring. Stories, drawn from dozens of first-hand interviews with 3Com executives and competitors and featuring tech icons like Steve Jobs, will explore the international skullduggery (real or imagined) involving companies like Huawei, Palm, and 3Com's arch-rival Cisco.Brilliant innovations, bungled mergers, record-smashing IPOs, and record-breaking financial "irregularities" are all part of the sweeping saga of 3Com's 30-year rollercoaster ride.