On Thin Ice

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With the advent of the Electronic Age, science and communication have attained previously unheard of levels of proficiency, precision and profitability. These advances have produced knowledge and learning that have changed the lives of everyone. In this respect, the computer and its sibling, the

cellphone, have proved to be two of the most significant tools ever invented.

Along with the progress in information and communication in this Electronic Age, a dark and ominous cloud closely follows. This is the Dark

Web. The Dark Web supports a fringe economy of cybercrime operating under the radar, allowing common criminals to enjoy a rewarding life of crime at their victim's expense. Both governments and businesses that do not recognize and mitigate the resulting cyberthreat, step carelessly On Thin Ice.

This is the environment in which the cybersecurity experts in this book live and excel. Businesses and governments urgently require safeguards and processes to protect their data from cybercrime. These include maintenance, protection and storage of data (e.g., the government-regulated HIPAA and the NIST programs). To help you understand the dangers of cybercrime, the cybersecurity experts in this book will guide and save you countless hours of anxiety, research, and dire financial consequences. They reveal crucial steps that guide, protect and save any organization from the increasingly common cyberattacks being seen today.

... The alternative is to step gingerly On Thin Ice.