The Analytic Detective: Decipher Your Company's Data Clues and Become Irreplaceable

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Following the clues that lead to increased sales or greater profits takes more than uncovering big data. Without effective data translation and communication, even the most sophisticated analytic effort can end in confusion - and your data insights won't impact company decision making.

With practical advice for every data analyst, this is your guide to navigating all aspects of client interaction and communicating straightforward solutions to affect company-wide change - from the back room to the board room.

You'll learn:

  • How to hit the Analytic Trifecta to ensure you're producing useful findings.
  • How to design a clear story that summarizes business analytics.
  • Different analyst behaviors for the 10 specific client types.
  • Strategies to employ when a client challenges your analysis.
  • How successful analysts get their work noticed.

Become an irreplaceable analytic asset to your team. Get The Analytic Detective to start collaborating for more data-fueled results and more recognition in your career.

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