A Compendium of ZX Spectrum Games - Volume One

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The ZX Spectrum was created as a computer for the masses rather than the classes. A follow-up to the hugely successful Sinclair ZX81, the Speccy - as it affectionately became known - was advertised as the first colour computer that could be bought for under 100. Thanks to its affordable price, wide range of software, easy to learn BASIC language and simple set-up, the Spectrum went on to become the best-selling computer in the UK and revolutionised the country's games industry.

This book takes you through the history of the much-loved platform, sampling a varied cross-section of the many thousands of games from the very first releases to modern retro classics and even previously unreleased prototypes. Each entry features a screenshot, review and publishing information, along with the author's personal rating for the title.

With ten entries for each letter of the alphabet, this is not supposed to be a list of the best or the worst games; neither is it a complete guide to all that's available. It is simply a meandering journey through well over thirty years of home computing history, designed to interest both the dedicated fan and the casual reader.

A Compendium of ZX Spectrum Games is a celebration of Sir Clive's wonder machine, filled with nostalgic memories, new opinions, interesting stories and so much more

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