Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Manual for Seniors: Simplified Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus User Guide (Step-By-Step Directions for Dummies, Beginners, and Senior

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2David Fame, a tech researcher and freelance writer, writes from the point of view of a new user who is baffled by the complexity of the documentation and online support that comes with the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus. In this book, you'd learn tips and tricks, best compatible apps, and solutions to common S9/ S9 Plus apps problems. To outline, you'll learn: (1) How to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus full potentials (2) How to resolve common Galaxy S9/S9 Plus operating problems (3) Managing the outlook of the home screen (4) Setting up intelligent scan (5) How to schedule software updates (6) Using super slo-mo (7) Over 30 Galaxy S9/S9+ tips and tricks . . And many more. To unveil the whole package, you simply have to hit the 'buy' button.
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