SQL: Comprehensive Beginners Guide to SQL Programming with Exercises and Case Studies

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7In the last few decades, many programming languages have been developed, and there are only some that have stuck around. Some examples are C, which is a popular server development and operating system for embedded systems. When it comes to databases, the Structured Query Language (SQL) has been around since the 1970s. You can use SQL to create, generate, manage and manipulate from relational databases. Most businesses prefer to use a relational database since it can store hundreds and thousands of rows of data. In this book, you will gather information about what SQL is and why it is important to learn SQL. This book also covers some of the basic commands that are used in SQL and explains how you can use those commands to manipulate information in tables and datasets. This book covers information on different data types, operators, and functions you can use to work with data and analyze data. You should continue to practice if you want to master SQL. It is okay not to know what code to use when you start learning to code in a language. It is only when you practice that you will know where you should apply a specific operator or function. So start learning to be a master of SQL and grab this book to start your journey
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